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In recent years extreme weather events are increasing but we need to conserve the beautiful nature and save the environment.
We launched our MASTER CURSE to make as many chances as possible for people to feel nature very close to their lives and we think that if you meet the wonderfulness of the Ishigaki like colorful lives in the beautiful ocean and in the forests, you will notice that we need to protect and save this for our children.
We promise you the best memories in Ishigaki with your family and friends!
Small children are available to enjoy the activities too.

Our Activity Items


New Senesce Stand Up Board

We are the FIRST and the OLNY shop where you can experience SUPPY in Ishigakijima!
This is normally called the Walking Sap or the Step board but we named it SUPPY!
The name comes from the word SURF and HAPPY!!
It’s a new item to have fun at the beach.


What is SUPPY?

Step on and go? there’s no seat, paddle or overboard splashes required.
Riders will be able to simply step down on a pair of pedals that are integrated into the top of the board, and it allows paddlers to use their legs and feet to generate propulsion, propelling themselves over water.
The board is stable enough to hold up against waves and in a windy area, so, paddlers can enjoy the view while enjoy chattering with friends and family.
The board size is 3.66meters long and the maximum weight capacity is 125kg so double riding is available.
(For safety riders must be under 100kg.)


First shop in Japan!! Light up SUPPY

The SUPPY with an original LED light which can impart a new feeling that you have not existed before.
In the day time, you can experience the clear blue ocean as if your flying in the sky and at night, you can experience a walk through out the sparkling fantastic view.

Shota Satou

Thank you for visiting our MASTER CUISE web site.
I was born and raised in Osaka and started working at Tokyo and moved to Ishigakijima.
I started this shop because I wanted to tell people about how great the Ishigakijima's clear emerald ocean, the beautiful sunset, and the heartwarming Island people is.
I always enjoyed water sports so when I had time I would go to the beaches often, but when I visited Ishigakijima for the first time I was impressed that there's such a beautiful island at Japan and before we knew it, we were already under the spell of this beautiful island.
My mission is to tell and have everyone who visits Ishigakijima feel the emotions that I had when I first visited here for the first time.
We will serve all our guest safely, help make the best memories and have the greatest vacation ever.


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